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Family Dentists specialize in providing dental care to children and adults of all ages. Our nationwide network of family dentists provides oral health care to adults and children from early infancy through the teen years and beyond. Babies, toddlers, small kids and older children, teenagers, adults and adolescents are welcome to our dental offices located in small towns and in large cities across the United States. Our experienced dentists treat all dental issues. Call today to request an appointment.

Dental procedures offered by professional dentists include the following:

Bridges and Implants
Crowns and Caps
Tooth Extractions
Fillings and Repairs
Gum Surgery
Oral Cancer Examinations
Root Canals
Teeth Whitening

Common dental procedures for kids and adults include:

• Oral health exam
• Preventive dental care for adults, toddlers and older children
• Habit counseling for children (pacifier use, thumb sucking, etc.)
• Assessment and treatment for straightening teeth and correcting an improper bite (orthodontics)
• Repair of tooth cavities in adults, toddlers and older kids
• Repair of dental defects in adults, children and teenagers
• Diagnosis of oral conditions associated with diseases that may include diabetes, congenital heart defect, asthma, hay fever, and attention deficit/hyperactivity disorder
• Management of gum diseases and conditions in adults and children, including ulcers, pediatric periodontal disease
• Care for dental injuries in adults and children (knocked-out teeth, fractured teeth, etc.)
• All dental emergencies

For our young patients, we offer dental care by experienced pediatric dentists

Each of our pediatric dental offices is equipped to offer dental care to children while keeping kids comfortable. Equipment that is used in pediatric dental offices is specifically designed with children in mind.

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Dental cavities, also known as tooth decay is one of the most common childhood diseases and the sooner dental cavity is detected and treated, the less damage is done to the tooth. During your child's dental check up, dentist will check each tooth for signs of decay and in case cavities are found, these dental problems can be treated and further damage to the teeth can be avoided. Regular dental check ups can help to detect cavities early on and proper measures can be taken to prevent further damage.

Dental problems in kids often start when a child is still a toddler. Enamel problems may be noticed even on baby teeth and this dental issue needs to be addressed by a child's dentist without waiting for the problem to get worse.

Dental sealants for kids is another common dental procedure that is done as a preventative measure to help protect the teeth against decay and cavities. A sealed tooth features a smoother surface that is less likely to harbor the bacteria that causes tooth decay.

Impacted wisdom teeth removal is a dental procedure that is more common for older teenagers. Wisdom teeth are considered to be impacted when wisdom teeth fail to erupt due to lack of room or because of their position. Symptoms of impacted wisdom tooth include gum tenderness, swelling and pain. If your child experiences any of these symptoms, give us a call to set up an appointment with a pediatric dentist.

Dental injuries are more common in children who participate in high-impact sports. Chipped and broken teeth need immediate attention from pediatric dentist. Finding the best pediatric dentist by city, state or even by zip code shouldn't be complicated. We are happy to help.

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